Harvest 2019

“A year to remember” with these words the 2019 harvest ends. We are really satisfied with this harvest campaign, fruit of a year in which the climate was favourable. Luckily the very rainy May delayed the timing a bit but didn’t affect the quality. Thanks to a hot and sunny summer, the grapes were able to reach an optimal and uniform level of ripeness in all the vineyards.

In terms of quality, the very satisfactory levels of last year were equaled or even exceeded. In terms of quantity, with the 2019 harvest we partially recovered the reduction in production from last year despite the reduction in yields envisaged by the Chianti regulations.

In terms of quality, the grapes have reached perfect ripeness. Thanks to the favorable weather conditions in September we were able to plan and optimize the grape harvest in the best possible way. In fact, we were able to keep ripening under control and intervene in the grapes and portions of the vineyard that we thought were ready.

Now the work in the cellar begins but we are truly convinced that, knowing how to wait, these grapes will be able to give us complex and elegant wines.

The forecasts for the 2019 harvest

The result of a year of work has been seen in the vineyard and we are really proud of having found even better results than the forecasts of both the Chianti Consortium and the UIV.

“The grapes are very healthy, there are no phytosanitary problems”, said the president of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Giovanni Busi. “The quantities are within the norm and, thanks to the 10% reduction in production that we have requested from the Tuscany Region, we will have volumes that will allow us not to cause a repercussion on prices”, he added.

harvest 2019

Territory from the root

We are not (only) proud of the territorial character that our wines express in the glass. Our territoriality begins and is the result of the harvest entrusted to the hands of the people of the territory. This is the greatest guarantee of the quality of our wines, in the harvesting and selection of the grapes.

A tradition that is also repeated in the 2019 harvest: Reunion, Family and dinner

If you have also read our stories of the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 vintages, you know the procedure by now: it starts with the meeting and ends with dinner. In between so much effort, sweat, laughter, lunches.

Even with the 2019 harvest, the reunion is the moment in which one “joins the family”. It is certainly an important moment of training on safety but the human aspect definitely has the upper hand. They are the stories of a year before that start again. It’s the jokes interrupted by the last load of grapes that magically restart as never interrupted. However, it is also the moment of the introduction of the new ones to the family of all time.

Then it’s time to harvest for real. We laugh and joke but concentration is never lacking in the selection of the bunches.
Then finally there is lunch. Lunches in the vineyard are beautiful but never as good as dinner after the 2018 harvest! A fantastic moment in which to eat, laugh, drink and prepare stories for the new year.

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This is a short story but if that’s not enough for you, you are ready to join us in the daily story of the 2018 harvest and not only on our social channels:

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Last year’s GIF but which to tell you “SALUTE” is also good for the 2019 harvest 😉

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