Finally here we are. As every year comes the bottling of the wine refined by many months of steel, large barrels and barriques! The last phase of the wine production process begins and at this moment it is essential to guarantee the best conservation and stability. How? Proceeding to stabilization before bottling. In fact, filters are used that avoid deposits, opacity and bacteria that can generate refermentation in the bottle. Once the wine is stabilized, it can proceed with bottling. This must be done avoiding contact with the air which would cause oxidation and browning problems.

How to? wine bottling

After stabilization, fillers are used to proceed with bottling and to avoid contact with air. Inert gases are used in the empty bottle and just before corking. These ensure perfect cleaning and, above all, do not interfere with the aroma and flavor of the wine.

Once the cap has been placed, the capsule will adhere perfectly to the bottle by bringing it close to a high heat source. The front and back labeling follows, if it is a DOCG wine from the state capsule issued by the Consorzio del Chianti Finally, the bottles are placed in iron cages (or cartons). Here they will wait the last months, usually from 3 to 6, for the refinement in the bottle before being put on the market.

wine bottiling 1

This is the moment in which the results of the choices made on the “dress” of the wine and on how a winery presents itself to the public are seen. From the design of the labels to the capsule, all these choices represent a decisive factor in choosing a wine. In addition to the choices of a cellar, all wines but especially the DOCGs must comply with precise rules in terms of labeling. In fact, the information that protects the consumer and guarantees the traceability of the origin of the wine is mandatory.

Sure of the quality of our production and commitment to improve year after year, we immediately attached great importance to the design of our bottle. We have tried to make choices that could best represent our production philosophy. Modern labels drawn in Indian ink by an artist, tall and slender bottle, cork stopper and capsule with the Petriolo Farm logos. We believe these elements can best represent the passion of two young people in producing quality wine. What do you think?

“Once upon a time..and maybe there will be again”

Modern winemaking, aging and bottling technologies have made it possible to make great strides. The quality of the productions has increased tremendously. But who doesn’t remember with a little melancholy the hand capper, the crown cap, the empty returnable flasks, or the demijohns?! We certainly do, and we keep them all in the cellar.

The evolution of tastes and the need to reach distant markets has meant that these traditional “technologies” are less and less used and/or combined with medium-low quality products. We assure you that if you come to visit us at the farm, we will fill it with great pleasure for you with our best wines!

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