Vertical Tasting Riserva


Join us in the vineyards , learn more about our production style and the differences between our last tree vintages. Vertical Tasting Riserva includes:
Chianti Riserva Petriolo 2013
Chianti Riserva Petriolo 2012
Chianti Riserva Petriolo 2011

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Vertical Tasting Riserva

Join us in the vineyards , learn more about our production style and the differences between our last tree vintages:

Harvest 2013

In 2013 the weather was cooler than in the previous years. Winter and early Spring rains supplied groundwater reserves and were responsible of a slight delay in the flowering of the vines. At the beginning of July, however, temperatures above the seasonal average favoured all conditions for recovering. The grapes grew and ripened gradually throughout the summer as the month of August registered regular average temperatures and September was lovely with significant temperature swings between night and day. Harvest begun a week later than in the last years, grapes were healthy and rich in aromatic compound and excellent in the concentration of polyphenols. The final result was a more balanced production and wines

Harvest 2012

Climate in 2012 was rather changeable. Winter was altogether mild with temperatures above seasonal average, except for a very few days in February when it heavily snowed and temperatures were remarkably low. A rainy Spring delayed sprouting/budding of the vines and determined a light decrease in grapes quantity. June and July registered scarce little rainfalls. August was hot but water-ground reserves secured the normal process of grapes ripening. Good weather characterized September throughout, together with the right amount of rainfalls and noticeable diurnal temperature swings. The grapes were healthy and perfectly mature. This vintage produced varieties that had quite a thick grape skin, which explains the high concentration of polyphenols.

Harvest 2011

A rainy and mild winter came ahead to a spring started 10 days earlier than usual, with temperatures above seasonal average in April. At the end of May and beginning of June abundant rains guaranteed optimal water supplies to the vines which grew with a little advance with respect to traditional vegetative growth. Summer heat, never extreme, favoured perfect grapes ripening and little rains in August, together with temperatures still above seasonal average, sustained the ongoing early development of phenological phases of the vines. Groundwater reserves and optimal temperature range were essential. As a consequence harvest 2011 began 15-20 days in advance and was carried out from the beginning of September to early October. Grapes were in perfect conditions, excellent in quality and ageing prospective.

The vertical tasting Riserva includes

  • 1 X Chianti Riserva Petriolo 2013scheda tecnica
  • 1 X Chianti Riserva Petriolo 2012
  • 1 X Chianti Riserva Petriolo 2011