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 Fattoria Petriolo chianti shop eng

In a place where the grapevine means culture and tradition, the Petriolo Wine Farm evokes the smell of soil and tired hands, the scents of the grapevines, passionate souls and people’s memories treasured in a grape. These experienced people have made our wine the authentic expression of the craftsmanship of Tuscany. Our wines, Chianti Petriolo, Chianti Petriolo Riserva, Venato, will delight you with the authentic and passionate taste of a memorable smiling chianti experience.

 The Smiling Chianti chianti shop eng

“What is the definition of a good wine? it should start and end with a smile”

Land, tradition, passion and skilled hands which give as a results wines worth tasting and remembering. Petriolo means all this, it is a story which gets renewed every day by the encounters with people.