Our History

The Petriolo Wine Farm has heard many stories, hosting numerous lives over the years. The Mozzi, Bardi, Pazzi, Serristori, Da Filicaia and Da Verrazzano families have lived here, as well as a whole Congregation, and even San Francesco di Sales was a guest. To tell each one of these stories in few lines would be like describing the taste of a sip of Chianti, because the Petriolo Wine Farm is just like the wine it produces: unique, complex, determined, authentic.

The People

Yet, stories are interesting for their protagonists, for the places and the events they tell, rather than for historical records and bombastic names. Our Farm lives with the smell of soil, of tired hands, with the scents of the grapevines, with the sanguine character of the wine, with passionate souls and memories treasured in a grape. Emiliano and Matteo have read this past and made a new story, lively and enthusiastic, which takes after a consolidate tradition. The renewing commitment of these two young men for their job is what makes it possible for the past experience to be enacted again through a quality wine production.

About Tomorrow

The future is the greatest challenge for the Petriolo Wine Farm: we hope that our wine will be a memorable experience.